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The banners are being developed and printed. When completed, the QEDF and the Village of Questa will be installing them.

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2019 Questa Banner Competition


Contest Description

In order to highlight Questa as an arts destination, celebrate and support the abundant creativity of our artists, give visibility to those who may not normally receive representation, and delineate and beautify the historic of our area. The Questa Creative Council and the Questa Economic Development Board are seeking Questa Area artists' artwork for a lamp post banner campaign that will be on view in Questa during the late summer and early fall. It is our goal to feature a diverse set of artists currently living and working within the Questa Area. We welcome an array of images related to the arts for the banners – visual art, including two- dimensional and three-dimensional work.



We are accepting entries of all media which can be photographed and displayed visually on a vertical format banner. Examples include, but are not limited to: painting, pottery, sculpture, textiles, woodworking, printmaking, photography, projection and installation, glass, jewelry, metal work, fiber art and non-traditional media.



Entrants must be artists at least 18 years of age, currently living in the Questa area, which includes Lama, Cerro, El Rito/Latir, Costilla, Red River and the Sunshine Valley. Work must have been produced within the last 5 years. Current work is encouraged! Each individual or artist representative may enter a total of one (1) piece, with one (1) image. A group may enter one (1) piece that they've worked on collectively, under one (1) collective name.


Entry Info

The Call For Entry will open March 1, 2019 and close March 31th, 2019

Selection of winning images will take place via a blind jury within 7-10 days after closing and winners will be notified shortly afterwards (3-5 days).

All entries must be submitted to the Questa Creative Council at



Applicants will need to submit (1) image to enter the competition. Selected applicants will then need to submit a (2) second 'high resolution' image for printing. The first lower resolution image will be submitted to the Questa Creative Council to enter the competition. The second higher resolution image must be submitted also to the Questa Creative Council ( Both images must be supplied digitally.

1) The image needed for the Call For Entry must be a JPG (or JPEG) format only (all images must be the same format - not png, gif, tiff, psd or any other) and under 5mb in size.

2) The image needed for Printing must be a JPG also. The print image will need to be at least 200 dpi at 15”w x 30”h (as per banner ratio). 

PHOTO QUALITY COUNTS! Your entry will NOT be considered if the submitted photograph is not of reasonable reproduction (print) quality. Tips: Choose a work / photograph which is bold, bright and legible, with good sharpness and contrast. Avoid busy images or those that would not come across from a distance and from below. 

For more information regarding image considerations, preparation and submission, please contact Peggy Trigg at 505-974-5314 or 


Judging Considerations

Submissions will be judged by a blind jury. Artwork will be looked at without showing the artists name.

Considerations will include aesthetic impact, diversity of medium and artistic style, suitability for the medium, appropriateness for public display, and legibility for drive–by viewers and pedestrians. We seek artwork that reflects the vitality of all the arts in the Questa Area.

There should be no text or overlays on the submitted image unless it is part of the art. If your artwork is chosen, you will be asked for your full name / name as you would like it to appear on the banner (max of 22 characters with spaces), the Date work was completed, the Title, Medium and a short Description of work.

Successful entries will also be required to submit a print quality image file upon notification from the Questa Creative Council. If a print quality file is not provided within the posted timeframe after the winning notification, the entry will be disqualified and a replacement entry will be chosen for print.

Winning Entries

Selected artists will be featured on ONE of sixteen (16)  30” x 60” lamp post banners (printed front and back), in a location of the Village’s choosing along NM522 or NM38.


The banner layout will include your name as you've requested it to appear and a Questa Village logo.


Posters Art Show

Reduced size poster reproductions of the winning banners (16) will be displayed at a local venue as part of the Questa Creative Council Public Spaces' initiative. Date and place to be determined.


Various promotions will be ongoing throughout the campaign might include a page or pages on QCC Website, QSAT Website, social media posts on (Facebook, Instagram) Promotions may include featured artists / bios, photos of artwork and finished / hung banners. This will be determined by Questa Creative Council.

Image Usage Agreement

Questa Banner Competition Sponsored by the Questa Creative Council


As part of the application in the Village of Questa Banner Competition, the artist agrees to let the Village of Questa, the Questa Economic Development Board and the Questa Creative Council use any submitted artwork for the purposes of advertising the event or related activities. This may include altering the work through cropping, sizing, angling or other such manipulations necessary for layout and / or presentation. All artists will be credited where appropriate.


By entering this competition, entrant agrees to all terms described herein, and allows their image /artwork to be displayed publicly in the Village of Questa. By entering this competition, entrant grants the Village of Questa, the Questa Economic Development Board and the Questa Creative Council full rights and unlimited use of their submitted image (or portion thereof), in the banner and poster layouts and for use in any Village, QEDF or QCC promotions, including but not limited to print, digital and social media channels.


The Questa Economic Development Board (since they pay for production) owns the RIGHTS to the banner LAYOUTS, but not the artist’s work itself. Winning artists may not reproduce the banner layout.

The Questa Creative Council owns any poster reproductions and may hang, sell, or otherwise distribute as they see fit, and will compensate the selling artist a percentage (yet to be determined) of any sales price after costs are deducted.


Neither the Village of Questa, the Questa Economic Development Board or the Questa Creative Council will be responsible for weather, wind, loss or damage to the printed banners.


I have read and agreed to these terms:



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Image Usage Form

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